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JOU 208: Issues in 21st Century Sports Journalism

This guide includes library help information specially tailored for students in JOU 208. Spring 2024.

Sports Journalism Articles

These databases are a good place to look for articles related to sports journalism.

If you are still missing needed information after researching your topic in the databases listed above, contact me for help.

Sports Journalism Books

These are a few books in our collection on sports journalism.

New York Times

Interested in accessing the New York Times online? UK provides access to students, faculty, and staff. Sign up below with the first link, and use the second link to access it after registering.

Wall Street Journal

Interested in accessing the Wall Street Journal online? UK provides access to students, faculty, and staff. Sign up below and use the link for access.

Introduction to InfoKat Discovery

InfoKat Discovery can be a good place to start your research, as you can search for all types of information there (articles, books, and much more).

If you click on Advanced Search search to the right of the search box, you can search InfoKat Discovery as the "Library Catalog." This will help you find library materials UK owns, such as books, videos, maps, music, and much more.

The InfoKat Discovery Guide is helpful for learning how to use this powerful tool.

This video provides a two minute overview for searching InfoKat Discovery.

student using laptop



Finding a Book on the Shelf

How to Find a Book on the Shelf provides a brief, basic overview of Library of Congress call numbers, provides practice putting them in order, and explains how to find a book in Young Library.

screenshot of book on shelf game

Types of Sources

Not sure of the differences between primary, secondary, and tertiary sources? This guide provides definitions of each with examples.

How to Get Full Text

When searching for journal articles, you will notice the View Now button on many of your search results. Clicking on the View Now button will lead you to the article itself, links to the full text of the article, or it will let you know that we do not have full text of the article.

If the full text is not available, you can search InfoKat Discovery for a print copy of the article. If we do not have a print copy, you can request an interlibrary loan (ILL). For articles, these usually arrive pretty quickly.

Have questions? Ask Us for help.

Google Scholar


Google Scholar logo


It's a good idea to check Google Scholar along with other databases. Follow these instructions to connect Google Scholar results to UK's full text holdings.