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TA 385 and 386: World Theatre I and II: doing theatre research -- books

Spring 2019

How to find books about a playwright, step 1 (basic):

Select the "Library Catalog" or "LIBRARY CATALOG" tab of the UK Libraries search box. (It's called "Library Catalog" in InfoKat Discovery, which is our search tool itself, and it's called "LIBRARY CATALOG" on the search bar link on the Libraries' website homepage.)

Once you have selected that tab, type your playwright's name between quotation marks " ".

InfoKat search bar

uky libraries website search bar

You will see a list of books UK Libraries owns about the playwright, along with their call numbers, which tell you where to find them in the library. Many of them will likely be the Fine Arts Library! Come on over to check them out.


You can also do similar searches with the names of theatrical movements, styles, theatres, etc.

How to find theatre books, step 2 (more advanced):

Click open the record for a book that looks helpful, or you know to be helpful, for your topic.

Then select the "Details" tab in the record. Here you can see further info about the subjects the book covers, and you can click the blue links to explore further books on similar topics.