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Mining Engineering: Government Resources

Primary guide for mining engineering students and researchers

Finding U.S. Government Information

Finding U.S. Government information on mining can be challenging as it is published by a variety of agencies and departments,  If you cannot find what you are looking for in the resources below, please contact Sue Smith.  

  Government Resources

U.S. Bureau of Mines Publications and Journal Articles 1910-1996

The United States Bureau of Mines (BOM) of the Department of the Interior was established in 1910 by the Department of the Interior and abolished on March 30, 1996.  The Bureau was established to conduct inquiries and scientific and technological investigations on mining and the preparation, treatment, and use of mineral substances; to promote health and safety in the mineral industries; to conserve material resources; to promote economic development; to increase efficiency in the mining, metallurgical, quarrying, and other mineral industries; and to inquire into the economic conditions affecting those industries.

NTIS maintains the entire collection of the Bureau's publications, some 5,000 documents. Use the first NTIS link below to search for BOM issued documents.