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Ann Rice O'Hanlon & The Memorial Hall Mural

Family Background

Ann L. Rice was born June 21, 1908 in Ashland, KY. She was the daughter and oldest child of Salem J. and Mathilde Weigner Rice.  Salem J. Rice was a lawyer who was born in Kentucky. His wife Mathilde was born in New York. Prior to their marriage, Salem Rice had been a school teacher in Mason County, KY, where his family was located. Salem and Mathilde were married in Alameda County, CA, on May 4, 1907, and the couple moved to Kentucky where Ann Rice was born in 1908. The family then moved to California where Ann's sister, Dee Rice, was born in Berkeley.  The family returned to Lexington, KY, where Ann's three brothers were born.

Ann Rice's sister Dee married Cliff Amyx, who was chair of the University of Kentucky College of Fine Arts.  Dee and Cliff Amyx were the parents of Tanya Amyx, the wife of Kentucky author, poet, and activist Wendell Berry.  Wendell Berry wrote a newspaper editorial about the Memorial Hall mural.


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