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Ann Rice O'Hanlon & The Memorial Hall Mural

Lexington PWAP artists

Lexington artists on the Public Works of Art Project payroll included Clyde Foushee, William Frazer, Dick O'Hanlon, Thomas O'Keefe, Joy Pride, and Ann Rice.  The majority of these artists were either current or former UK art students or were connected to the University of Kentucky Department of Art in some way.  Edward Rannells, the chairperson for the Kentucky subcommittee for PWAP, was hired in 1929 to be the UK Art Department head.  Many of these artists also belonged to the Brush and Pencil Club.  UK President Frank L. McVey was also a painter and supporter of the arts.

Exhibition list for "Pictures by Artists of Lexington and Vicinity," February 11-28, 1934" includes many of the PWAP Lexington artists as well as Frank McVey:


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