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Classical Studies: Classical Studies: Introduction

The Classical Studies guide is designed to help you find information for class and research projects.

Definition of Classical Studies

Classical studies (Classics for short) – earliest branch of the humanities, which covers the languages, literature, history, art, and other cultural aspects of the ancient Mediterranean world. The focus is on Ancient Greece and  Rome from the Bronze Age through the Fall of Roman Empire in the west. 

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Library of Congress Call numbers for Classics

Library of Congress Classification provides a central place for Greek and Latin literature under the PA, but specifics on Greek and Latin culture are usually under the broader subject under history, etc. 

PA Classical Philology – includes texts on Latin and Greek along with texts for most of the Classical authors

PA 1–2915 Classical Philology and Linguistics

PA 3000-3049 Classical Literature

PA 3050-4505 Greek Literature

PA 500-5660 Byzantine language

PA 6000-6971 Latin Literature

PA 8001-8595 Medieval and Renaissance Latin Literature

Other Classifications to be aware of:

B 108-708 Ancient Philosophy

BL 700-820 Ancient Religions (Etruscan, Greek, Roman)

C  Auxiliary Sciences of History

CD Diplomatics. Archives. Seals

CE Technical Chronology. Calendar

CJ Numismatics includes ancient coinage

CN Inscriptions. Epigraphy

CT Biography

DE History of Ancient World

DF Greece

DG Italy (including Rome and Roman Empire)

G Geography, Anthropology, Recreation particularly to GN Anthropology, GR Folklore, GT Manners and customs

N 5320-5899 Ancient Art

NA 270-285 Greek Architecture

NA 310-340 Roman Architecture

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Library of Congress Subject terms may include:

Classical literature and the narrow terms of Latin literature and Greek literature

Classical language and the narrow terms of Latin language and Greek language

Rome will cover the ancient kingdom, republic and empire

Byzantium will cover the later empire

For information on Ancient and Classical Greece, search under Greece – History

For information about a particular topic, try

Ancient such as in Art, Ancient

Classical such as in Lamps, Classical or

Roman such as in Fortifications, Roman

Greek such as in Pottery, Greek

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