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CME 455/456: Getting Started

Fall 2023
This course guide will give you an introduction to finding, searching and using engineering, scientific and marketing/industry resources and databases.  These are subject specific and provide access to peer-reviewed and /or trade journals. Using these will save you time and make your research much easier.

UK Science & Engineering Library

UK Science & Engineering Library

Building Hours 8 AM to 8 PM M-TR, 8 AM to 4:30 PM F

Library Front Desk 859-257-0121


SEL Academic Liaisons

Valerie Perry, Director -- Science & Engineering Library; Biology/ Chemistry Academic Liaison 218-4841

Susan K. Smith, Engineering and Earth & Environmental Science Librarian 


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About Your Librarians

Hi, I'm Valerie Perry, Director of the Science and Engineering Library/ Biology and Chemistry Academic Liaison.

In this role I support students and faculty in the College of Engineering and in the chemistry programs in the College of Arts and Sciences.  

If you are a student, I look forward to working with you on assignments, research or projects so please don’t hesitate to contact me for a consult. If you are  teaching assistant or professor our STEM Team is always available for instructional sessions as well.

Hi! I'm Jennifer Horne, the Business, Economics, and Government Information Librarian at the University of Kentucky. In this role I support the Gatton College of Business and Economics, the Martin School of Public Policy, and the Patterson College of Diplomacy. Prior to becoming an academic librarian, I worked as a public policy researcher for more than 20 years. Please email me at or schedule an appointment for an in-person or Zoom meeting. 

Background Research Sources


Don't Re-invent The Wheel!

Save yourself a lot of time by doing some initial research.  If you are in a university find out if there is a research repository (i.e., UKnowledge) and see what has already been researched and published.  Check with your advisor or any other experts (director of research) who may know of previous un-published or additionally published research. Find an engineering or science librarian and ask for their assistance in finding external and as well as internal literature.If you are at a company, find out if they have a digital archive of research or even a print archive that has a database you can search.  Find out who did previous research on the topic - check with your colleagues, supervisors, other researchers.  Is there a corporate library and librarian?  Ask for their assistance.  Are laboratory notebooks available once you identify previous researchers?  Are there patents?   All this background will help you. Do not spin, reinventing the wheel!wheel

Useful Subject Guides

These guides contain resources by subject that have been selected as they may be useful for your research. 

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