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Dissertation Planner: Getting Started

This planner aims to help doctoral students through the dissertation writing process.

Welcome to the University of Kentucky Libraries' Dissertation Planner!

Getting started

This dissertation planner is designed to help doctoral students chart the steps to complete a dissertation and earn a doctoral degree.  It is most beneficial to those just beginning to lay the groundwork for their dissertations. 

Please note: This planner does not contain specific information about your doctoral program. You should always consult with your department about any requirements and expectations as you go through the research and writing processes for your dissertation. Remember, the best resource for information on the specific requirements and expectations of your dissertation is YOUR ADVISOR.

This planner is adapted from the University of Minnesota Libraries' Dissertation Calculator. The University of Kentucky Libraries thanks the University of Minnesota Libraries for granting the permission for reusing the content of its Dissertation Calculator. 

This planner is best viewed using FireFox or Chrome.  Some images may not be displayed properly on other browsers or when viewed on mobile devices.  If you have any comments or suggestions for this planner, feel free to contact the University of Kentucky Libraries by e-mail.