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Resources for MSLS Students

Information about jobs and professional organizations

Library-Specific Job Sites

The links below are meant to give you a general idea of sites that specifically focus on academic library settings. However, you will likely want to broaden your search to other non-library specific sites as well.

The two resources below are great for finding archives positions, but don't let these be the only places you search for jobs.

With a general focus, these sites will allow you to see the variety of available positions, or you can filter your results to be more specific to your interests.

Government jobs can include working for the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, the Armed Forces, and more.

While not focused specifically on public library jobs, each of the sites below include them. It is also a good idea to check public library websites in case they do not widely advertise their positions.

If being in a K-12 library setting is where your interest lies, these two sites will be excellent resources to look into.

Library Job Sites

This list provides links to sites that provide library-related job listings. There are sites for many academic and school library jobs, as well as government jobs. Be aware that sometimes public library jobs are posted on city websites.

Be sure to sign up for the SLIS LISTSERV if you haven't already; job opportunities are regularly distributed there. Some alumni even choose to stay on the list, so it can be a great resource.

Please let your librarian know if you have any suggestions of links to add.

Job Seeking Tips

Following is a list of resources that provide excellent tips for individuals searching for a library job. A few important tips to think about when applying are:

  • Having flexibility when it comes to where you live and work opens up many more opportunities for employment. 
  • Getting experience while in library school will help in the job search, even if this is just volunteering at a local library.
  • Think about how past work experiences will translate to library jobs: project management, supervising staff, customer service, etc.

General Tips

Alternative Careers for LIS Grads

  • This article highlights the various routes librarians can take in their career path. You have marketable skills that translate to jobs outside of libraries too. 

Hang in There: How to Get a Library Job Against All Odds

  • This article offers helpful strategies to help you land a job in a competitive job environment.

Your Library Career

  • This site is dedicated to answering the questions that information professionals have about job hunting whether they are new to the field or experienced pros.

What Do Librarians Do?

  • Breakdown of different types of library jobs, also includes a list of some famous librarians.


General Job Sites

These sites, while not specifically focused on libraries, will allow you to limit your results to library-specific jobs and are another great resource to look into when searching for jobs.

Career Builder

  • ‚ÄčThis website is one that has multiple types of career positions. Like most career websites, it has no one focus.


  • Complete with salary information, reviews of the workplace, and additional information, it is sometimes possible to find postings on Glassdoor that you may not find elsewhere.


  • The website allows you to filter jobs by location (or not). Also has salary information by state and allows you to save positions for later. It also includes a mobile app.


  • This website allows you to create a professional social media profile, network with other professionals, and search for jobs.


  • This website has multiple types of positions available.