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Guide to finding resources related to marketing.

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Marketing - Definition


A short definition:

The process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, products, and services to create exchanges that will satisfy the needs of individuals and organizations. Marketing a product involves such tasks as anticipating changes in demand (usually on the basis of market research), promotion of the product, ensuring that its quality, availability, and price meet the needs of the market, and providing after-sales service.
From:  A Dictionary of Business and Management. Ed. Jonathan Law. Oxford University Press, 2009 - Available from Oxford Reference.

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New Marketing Resources at UK

Mintel Oxygen

We have recently added the Mintel Oxygen Database, which features than 600 report titles dealing with consumer and market reports covering U.K., European, U.S. and international consumer markets are added to Mintel Oxygen every year.
Also includes daily news articles on corporate, product and advertising activity; market share and drivers; forecasts; and leading company information.
Covers the following markets:
Beauty and Personal Care Drink Finance Food Foodservice Health and Well-being Household Leisure and Entertainment Lifestyles Multicultural America Retailing and Apparel Technology Transportation Travel
Please note that in order to use, you must create an account using your University of Kentucky email address -- it will not work with a non-UK address.

Marketing News

Newspaper Databases:
UK Libraries currently subscribes to the following newspaper databases, all of which contain a great deal of marketing news:

Other News Sources:

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