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CLA331-001 Gender and Sexuality in Antiquity

This guide is designed for the Fall 2020 class which covers A survey of the construction of gender, sexuality, and their relation to and expression in the societies of ancient Greece and Rome. Gender roles, marriage, social problems concerning sex and vir

Getting Started on your Research

Citing Your Sources: MLA Preferred

Gender and Sexuality in Antiquity Resources

Below are some additional reference sources on Greek and Roman culture that may provide a starting point for more in depth explorations. 

Finding Images of Gender Roles and Sexuality

Below are some options for finding information on or images of art created within the societies of ancient Greece and Rome or depicting how those societies appeared to later generations. Images can often capture what a society values are and how they treat the roles of men and women in their societies. 

Resources - Databases

Other Resources

Media Options for Plays and Documentaries