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COM 249: Mass Media & Mass Culture

An examination of the interplay between the technology and content of the mass communication media and culture. Spring 2024.


This guide will help you with library research associated with your COM 249 annotated bibliography and final paper.
If you have questions or need more information, please contact your librarian or use the Ask Us service.

Conducting Background Research

Before you can begin to develop your research topic, you need to understand the communication theory that you want to research.

Guide for Developing a Good Research Question

Refer to this guide as you develop your initial research topic. Expect to refine your topic as you learn more about it.

Read about the Communication Theory

Before you decide on a research topic, you need a good understanding of the communication theory that you choose to write about. This is background information, the basic information on which you will build the rest of your research. 

Use Gale Virtual Reference Library, in addition to your textbook, to find important information about the theory.


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