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Countries: Country-Specific Info

Find information pertaining to specific countries and regions of the world.

Searching Databases for Country-Specific Information

Most subject-specific databases include coverage of specific country information, so you can select appropriate topical databases using the Research Guides by Subject and the search for your country and topic within those databases.

When an item has a specific-country focus, many databases indicate the country in the subject search (sometimes called the descriptor or subject heading), but others use a specific geographic label you can use to search for country information; this may be presented in a drop-box or on an Advanced Search screen. Use that label to include specific countries in your search. Here are some primary databases and a listing of the "fields" in which they list the country information:

Current Events

Many of the databases in this guide cover current events, but the resources listed below are excellent starting points.

For current events and coverage of core research journals in most subject areas, use

Another excellent source of current information, particularly about the relationships among various countries, is

Other Current Events Sources

Also consider newspapers for current events and analysis; see the