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Countries: Countries Research

Locate background and detailed information on countries (other than the U.S.); see the Federal Government Resources Guide for U.S. information.

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Other Research Guides are available that may also be useful to your country research:

You may also find useful information in Research Guides that cover other specific subject areas; see the complete list of Research Guides.

Find Country Information

Government-Based Information

Each country's government produces a variety of information, including statistical data and documents, much of it available on official government websites.

You can also find a variety of information on government websites through general WWW searching. Look for .gov.xx at the end of the main part of the URL (Internet address) for the website, e.g., would indicate an official Afghanistan website. See this list of country codes used in URLs. Note that the United States' websites usually end in .gov with no country designation. To find useful U.S. government websites, see the U.S. Federal Government Resources Guide and the official U.S. Government Portal,

To find objective factual and research material, use the tabs above to find appropriate resources.

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The following resource, recently added to the Libraries' database collection, may be of use for your country research.

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