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Open Access: Open Licensing

This is a guide to issues in open access, author rights, copyright, open licensing, and scholarly communication.

Resources about Open Licensing

Creative Commons License Selector

This video demonstrates how to use the Creative Commons license selector

How to Find Open-Licensed Materials

Open licenses grant permission for people to reuse and re-distribute copyrighted contents. You can find Creative Commons licensed materials by using the search function on this page

The video below explains how to use the search function at the 5:24 mark. 

What is Open Licensing?

Open licensing facilitates sharing by explicating permission to access, reuse, and re-distribute a copyrighted work with what (if any) restrictions. Creative Commons, a non-profit organization, has created six licenses for copyright holders to grant permission so that others can use their works under specified conditions:

Additionally, there is the CC0 (No Rights Reserved) tool that enables copyright holders to waive all rights and place a work in the public domain. Visit this page for more information about the licenses. View this page for examples of how Creative Commons licenses have been used in real life. 

A tool is available to help copyright holders choose an appropriate Creative Commons license to share their works. 

Creative Commons License and How It Helps us Share Digital Content

This short video explains the six Creative Commons licenses and how they facilitate sharing of copyrighted materials.

Creative Commons Blog

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Licensing Data

The Open Data Commons has made available these licenses especially for data sharing:

There is a licenses FAQ for users. 

Open Data Licensing Animation

This video walks you through the steps of choosing an appropriate license for data sharing. 

How to Find Open-Licensed Data

Open-licensed data is available for reuse and research analysis.  You can find open-licensed data by using these resources:

Open Knowledge Blog

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