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Chemical & Materials Engineering: Materials Pricing

Primary guide on technical, commercial, and pricing information for CME students and researchers

Finding metals pricing is challenging.  Most resources are pricey so we do not have access to many of the resources. Here are a few that you may find useful.

Metal Bulletin is a British publication that has pricing information, but it requires a subscription. One week trial subscriptions are available. Selected articles are available through the UK Libraries' Factiva subscription. To access, go to E-Journals A-Z and search for Metal Bulletin.

Metal Statistics is an annual handbook that ceased publication in 2002. It has been superceded by American Metal Market - please use the listing below. American Metal Market does have a website that provides some free information.  However, the website will ask you for a username and password if you click on "Pricing."

Metals Week is full-text accessible. Go to E-Journals A-Z and search for Metals Week. Connect to the Nexis Uni listing. This automatically puts you into Metals Week. Enter your search terms in the box. Be sure to select a date range.