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Style Guides & Manuals: Formatting Tools

This research guide helps you find style guides, style manuals and other citation tools, both online and on the shelf; and introduces you to citation management software sources.

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Tools That Format References

When you use databases and other indexing tools, you'll find that you can usually save the citations you choose in the format required for your paper.

For example, in Academic Search Complete, you can save the citations you select into a folder, then save them as a file to your desktop choosing a Citation Format that is appropriate for your research paper.

You can also use the Export Manager to save your citation in any of the following formats:

  •  Direct Export in RIS format (e.g., CITAVI, EasyBib, EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager, Zotero)
  •  Direct Export to EndNote Web
  •  Generic bibliographic management software
  •  Citations in BibTeX format
  •  Citations in MARC21 format
  •  Direct Export to RefWorks

Exporting to a bibliographic management software package allows you to save your resources for later searching and also allows you to format the citations and embed them into your paper. This is especially valuable for longer papers, including theses and dissertations, and for topics you return to over time.

As a UK student, staff or faculty member, you can download EndNote, one of the more powerful bib. management tools, at the UK Download site.

To learn how to use EndNote, see the UK Libraries' EndNote Help options. Also check the Libraries' Events Calendar, which includes EndNote workshops.

Need assistance with any aspect of using a formatting tool? Ask Us for assistance.

General & Common Citation Generator Applications