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Integrating Library Content into Canvas: Adding links to articles

A guide for faculty to help identify and integrate library resources and support tools into your Canvas courses.

Important Notes

When linking articles, beware!  You can't copy and paste a URL when viewing an article in a database and have the link work for your students.  Database search URLs often have session information that will expire, making the link unusable.  You also need to be sure our Proxy string ( is included so the link will work from off-campus. This page provides information about how you can provide links to articles you find in EBSCO databases.   Unfortunately, not all databases work the same way.  If you need help adding links to articles you find elsewhere, please Ask Us.  Remember these general tips:

  • Don't download a PDF and then upload the file to your course site.  It might seem like the easiest thing to do, but it violates copyright law and bypasses the Library's usage statistics.  (Statistics help us determine which databases and journals can be canceled because of low use.)
  • Always check your links to be sure they work!  Check from off-campus the next day, or check using a different browser, or have a TA check the links from an off campus computer.
  • Links to articles should include our proxy address, to allow students to have access from off campus.  See the Off Campus Access page for more information.  If our licensing allows a product to be available through the proxy then you may create a link by including the following proxy prefix in the URL:

Jstor example:

DOI example:  if the DOI is "10.1126/science.347.6217.11" then the url would be:


Database interfaces may change.  If the instructions on this page no longer work, please let us know.

EBSCOhost databases

Citations that include links to full text can be copied from the Search Results screen in EBSCOhost databases.  These citations can be pasted directly into a Page in Canvas.  The links do not include session IDs, and they do include our proxy string.  If a citation includes a View Now button instead of a link to the full text, that button will also work to help students find the document in another database or request it via ILL.

No PDF?  Look for this button!

View Now button