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Integrating Library Content into Canvas: Using the Canvas App

A guide for faculty to help identify and integrate library resources and support tools into your Canvas courses.

About LibGuides

Librarians create Research and Course Guides to highlight the best resources for a particular subject or an individual class. You can use the LibApp app in Canvas to easily integrate content from our guides into your Canvas course.  You can embed full guides or even individual boxes, such as a search widget, links to recommended databases, or a help box.  Visit to view all available guides. Want us to create a guide for your class?  Just Ask Us!

Use LibApps to add content from a Guide

Here are the steps for using the LibApp app.  If you need help using the app, Ask Us.

Watch the animated Gif below to see these steps in action!

  1. Select the module to which you want to add the library content.
  2. Select the + button to add content to the module.
  3. Choose "External Tool" as the type of content you want to add.
  4. Choose the LibApps app.
  5. Select the content type you want to add, Full Guide or just a box from a guide.  
  6. Browse or search for the guide you want to add.
  7. Click the "Embed Content" button.
  8. Be sure to Publish the new content so students can view it.

All done!

Special Note

Remember that content in Guides is managed by librarians outside your course.  Content may be updated at any time.  It is a good idea to review embedded Guide content (and anything you are bringing in from an outside source) at least at the beginning of each semester.  In the event that a box or guide is deleted, you will see an error message in your Canvas course (see screen shot).  If that happens, you can select another guide or box, or contact us if you think the guide/box should not have been deleted.

Suggested content

Consider adding these BOXES.  Guide Name and Page name are included in parentheses so you can find the box more easily. The same or a similar box may also exist on other guides.  

Consider adding these GUIDES.

  • A guide created specifically for your course (see list).  Ask Us if you'd like a guide created for your course.
  • A guide for your general subject area (see list).  The guide will included links to primary databases and journals in that subject, contact information for a librarian subject specialist, and more relevant information.
  • Undergraduate Library Research.  This guide is a general introduction to conducting library research.
  • Style Guides and Manuals.  Helpful resources for citation management.
  • Graduate Student Library Resources.  Research, Teaching, and general library resources and services for Grad Students.
  • E-Books at the University of Kentucky Libraries.  Information about finding and using our various ebook collections.