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Integrating Library Content into Canvas: Quick Start

A guide for faculty to help identify and integrate library resources and support tools into your Canvas courses.


This guide will help you integrate library content into your Canvas course. Remember that librarians can also create subject or course-specific guides to help students find appropriate resources, use them correctly, and get help when needed. You can embed entire guides or sections of guides into your Canvas course.  If you need help, please Ask Us!

Suggested Content

Instructors can add a variety of links, search widgets, help tools, and other library content to help guide students to library resources that are appropriate for your research assignments.  This guide includes instructions for adding:

  • Subject or course guides.  UK Libraries licenses a huge number of databases, journals and other online resources. Subject- or course-specific guides will direct students to resources that are appropriate for your class.
  • Help resources.  Embed our chat widget or point to other library help. Encourage students to Ask Us when they need help.

Research Overview (Online Info Lit Course)


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Has it been awhile since you've had to develop a research question and a search strategy? Not sure how to navigate UK Libraries' resources?

Consider enrolling in Online Information Literacy, a self-paced course in UK's Canvas which was co-developed by your librarian. The course takes around 40 minutes to complete.

Open Academic Research Course


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The Open Academic Research course (OAR), aimed at budding researchers and graduate students, is a free, self-guided course in Canvas. Anyone may enroll in the course. There are a wide variety of self-paced modules to explore in any order, covering topics such as:  

  • Discovering your field’s keywords, scholars, and journals  

  • Specialized databases and reference sources in your field  

  • Selecting journals to consider for submission 

  • Incorporating digital media and technology tools into your research 

  • Finding and using primary sources