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HON 301: The University in Crisis: Find Scholarly Articles

Spring 2018

Using Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) attempts to fill gaps in the UK Libraries' collection. If the collection lacks items needed for research, University of Kentucky faculty, emeritus faculty, students, and staff may be able to obtain loans or reproductions of the articles needed for their research. The ILL staff will attempt to obtain the material from another library or document vendor. Three ILL departments are available to help UK Researchers.

Look for Scholarly Journal Articles Here

You must write a research paper (15pp) on a topic related to current debates about the crisis of higher education (e.g., tuition, student debt, administrative bloat, diversity, sports, decline of humanities, poor student achievement, etc.).  Students must evaluate competing positions on these questions and defend their own position.

Example search terms

Land Grant Universities and mission
Administrative Bloat and budget
Sexual Violence and universities

Identify the Major Ideas of Your Research Question


How does diversity benefit and hinder academic freedom in institutions of higher education.

Major Ideas Related Terms  
diversity institutional racism
  safe space  
academic freedom intellectual freedom
higher education universities  
  college students
  postsecondary education


How can we address the mental health crisis among college students in institutions of higher learning to create better environments for learning and social collaboration

Major Ideas Related Terms
college students  
mental health psychology
  mental disorder
  medication & stress
social collaboration social media
  relationships AND