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Library Collections Showcase: Exhibits and Events: Constitution Day

Constitution Day: Celebrating Citizenship and Knowledge

The Constitution (Mural by Barry Faulkner, National Archives, 1936)
For more about each framer of the Constitution, see the number key to this mural and biographical index from the 
National Archives.

U.S. Constitution

Signed September 17, 1787

Constitution Day at University of Kentucky Libraries: Coming September 2018

Our new library exhibit in honor of Constitution Day is coming in September 2018!

For the entire month of September, our exhibit will showcase materials in our Government Documents collection, research tips for finding more materials related to the Constitution and related topics, and a variety of learning activities! All will be located in the atrium near William T. Young Library's main entrance and open during September 2018.

September 17, 2018 -- on Constitution Day -- we will host a series of special events on the entire day. More details will be added as they take shape, so check back for more!  

(see more about research with primary resources in government publications here)


Upcoming activities

Online activities - can participate from computer or your phone:

  • Add your own Constitutional amendment!
  • Vote on your favorite Constitutional amendment!
    • --> Daily polling updates will be shown during the September exhibit in the Young Library atrium!
  • Constitution jigsaw puzzle!
  • Research tips and materials on the Constitution!
  • Online voter registration sites, for Kentucky, plus all U.S. states and territories!

Check back often -- we're adding more details daily!


Declaration of Independence

Signed July 4, 1776