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Library Collections Showcase: Exhibits & Events: Constitution Day

Constitution Day: Biographical Learning Resources from National Archives Celebrating Citizenship and Knowledge

The Constitution (Mural by Barry Faulkner, National Archives, 1936)
To learn more about each framer of the Constitution, see the number key to this mural and biographical index from the 
National Archives.

U.S. Constitution

Signed September 17, 1787

Constitutional Amendments:
Your votes and comments in 2018

Opening display at the exhibit

Ben Franklin mascot with Constitution exhibit

US Constition & Citizenship Education

Constitution and citizenship education

Pocket Constitutions & learning materials

pocket Constitutions and learning materials

Constitution Day Exhibit at University of Kentucky Libraries: September 2018

Constitution Signing | UK Wildcat art mashup

Our September 2018 library exhibit honored Constitution Day.
+ Timeframe & Place: During September 2018, Young Library atrium.

Exhibit Showcase:
materials in our Government Documents collection,
books from the stacks for deeper research,
research tips for finding more materials about to the Constitution and related topics!
(See more about research with primary resources in government publications.)

Constitution: Online Learning Activities

The Constitution and You!

Ever wanted to write your own constitutional amendment? Share your favorite amendment? Or rank our current 27 amendments by your preference? Now you can, in three short surveys every September! Each has two simple questions. Surveys are anonymous -- no right or wrong answer - we'd like to know your opinions. Enter your amendment answer, then tell us why you chose your answer. Surveys are accessible via computer of your phone.

Citizen engagement: Voter registration info -- always on!

Constitution's 231-year anniversary celebration, September 17, 2018

Constitution's 231-year birthday cake
Pocket Constitution and educational materials
Constitution 231-year birthday cake
Constitution Day celebration gathering
Government Documents scavenger hunt
Constitution jigsaw puzzle
Constitution puzzle pieces
Constitution jigsaw puzzle: working together to put the puzzle together

Declaration of Independence

Signed July 4, 1776

Constitutional Amendments: Background

Voter registration information

US Constitution on parchment with books

Constitution on parchment, with books about the Constitution

US Constitution and Separation of Powers

Constitution and Separation of Powers

Constitution Day 231-year birthday cake

A student celebrating Constitution's 231-year anniversary

Constitution Day: An Exhibit Celebrating Citizenship and Knowledge. William T. Young Library, Atrium near main entrance. Held during September 2018

Constitution exhibit photos collage

Photos from Constitution Day Exhibit

William T. Young Library