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Library Collections Showcase: Exhibits and Events: Welcome

Current exhibit: Constitution Day, Sept. 2018

September 2018: Constitution Day -- Location: Atrium inside the main entrance of William T. Young Library.

  • September, all month: Collections exhibit honoring the Constitution.

The Signers of the Constitution. (Painting by Howard Chandler Christy, 1939-1940)  

Photos from Constitution's 231-year anniversary celebration, September 17

Constitution's 231-year birthday cake
Pocket Constitution and educational materials
Constitution 231-year birthday cake
Constitution Day celebration gathering
Government Documents scavenger hunt
Constitution jigsaw puzzle
Constitution puzzle pieces
Constitution jigsaw puzzle: working together to put the puzzle together

Library Collections Showcase Exhibits: Welcome!

Our collections are a fabulous goldmine for research, study, and teaching. We host exhibits to showcase a particular collection, to help inspire your research. This guide began in Spring 2018 -- the first exhibit featured here showcased the Window of Shanghai program and ran from January through April 2018.

Each page includes images of items shown in the exhibit, links to related library resources, and a PDF brochure accompanying each exhibit. To see more about each exhibit, simply click on the blue tabs.

September 2018 (entire month) marks our current exhibit in honor of Constitution Day, in the atrium inside the main entrance of William T. Young Library. September 17, 2018, Constitution Day proper, we hosted special events to celebrate the 231st anniversary of the Constitution's signing in 1787.

The U.S. Constitution and You!

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