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About The 

UK Education Library

Location: 2nd Floor, Dickey Hall

Library Front Desk  7-9692

Building Hours 9 AM to 4:30 PM 

By Appointment only, beginning August 10th. Please contact for information.


Face coverings required in all UK Libraries.







































Primary Databases

Start searching for articles in these databases. These will have a mix of both scholarly and non-scholarly articles. Think critically about what you need for your research or papers. If you need assistance, ask a librarian.

Introduction to UK Libraries will highlight important resources and services that you can use as a UK students. This includes items like how to print from your laptop, how to use the View Now button to access articles, and where the libraries are on campus.                 

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Education Librarian

Sarah Vaughn's picture
Sarah Vaughn
Education Library

Dickey Hall


Susan K. Smith, Engineering Librarian

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Susan K Smith
Science & Engineering Library
Office: 310G
M.I. King Bldg. - South
179 Funkhouser Drive