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High School Research Guide: Library Information

Using and transitioning to the University of Kentucky Libraries from your high school libraries

University of Kentucky Libraries

The following list of libraries are the available resources at the University of Kentucky. There are several different libraries on campus, all with different varieties of information. Staff is available to help you navigate each library. For a more in depth description of what each library contains and has available, click on the link.

Welcome to my Research guide for Incoming Freshman!

Hello! My name is Rachele Yohe and I am currently a senior at Lafayette High School. I will be attending the University of Kentucky in the fall of 2014, studying both history and political science, and I am currently involved in a program that has given me the opportunity to shadow the worklife at the William T. Young Library.

    I started this research guide as a tool for incoming freshman to the University of Kentucky, so that these students could realize the potential that their libraries on campus have and what they are able to offer. After spending a month or so at the library, I was able to observe the amazing potential of this library and how it is an incredible resource to you as a student. Several employees mentioned that many students attend the school without knowing everything their libraries have to offer, so this website was designed to help you realize exactly what is available to you.

   I know from my peers that beginning research is often very difficult and can be extremely hard if you don't know the tools available to you. This research guide is specifically designed to offer you instruction on how to begin an essay, what types of essays you are writing, credibility of an article, and citations. Research is only difficult if you don't know where to look.

   I hope that this guide is as useful to you as I set out for it to be. Everyone should be able to experience the true potential of the University of Kentucky libraries in order to reach their own maximum research potential. The libraries are designed to be extremely helpful, and this website was made in order to connect you, incoming freshman, into the world of the UK libraries.

University of Kentucky Non-student Information

So while you plan to attend the University of Kentucky soon, you're not quite a student. But the libraries are open to nonstudents and they are happy to assist and help you to gain comfort and familiarity with your future library. Commonly asked questions are:


Can I use William T. Young Library, even if I'm not a student?

A: Yes! The library is open to the public and there is always staff on board will helping incomers to the library! Feel free to come in and learn about our library!

What are the library's hours?

A: During school semesters, William T. Young Library is open at noon on Sunday, and it remains open until 8PM on Friday while on Saturday it is open from 8AM to 8PM; there are a few exceptions during graduation weekend and finals week; and Summer hours pertain in grouped weeks. From May 12 to June 8, the library is open from 8AM-8PM (Mon-Thurs), 8AM-5PM (Fri), 12PM-5PM (Sat-Sun); from June 9 to August 10, the library is open from 8AM-10PM (Mon-Thurs), 8AM-5PM (Fri), 12PM-5PM (Sat-Sun), and through August 11 to August 24, the library is open from 8AM-5PM (Mon-Fri), and 12PM-5PM (Sat-Sun).

How long can I have my books out if I'm not yet a student?

A: 28 days.

How many books am I allowed to check out if I'm not a student or faculty?

A: 25 items is the limit.

Do I have access to periodicals, and non-print items? Or is it just for students and faculty?

A: Yes, you have library access to both.

Am I allowed to bring food and drink into the library?

A: Yes, but as a favor to our custodians, please clean up after yourself and make sure to throw away all trash.

Who should I talk to if I'm having trouble using the library?

A: Depending on the problems you are having, you can access this website,,  to find access to different staff members, as well as driving directions and basic general information.

This seems really complicated, I don't know if I'll get the hang of it. Do I have to know all this stuff for my University of Kentucky education?

A: The answer is no. Not everything at the libraries is essential to your education, and in fact, many students graduate and never realize just how many tools were available to them. The point of this website and our assistance is to help you, incoming students, to understand the full potential of the library so that you have all the correct and amazing tools available to you. These tools and the libraries make research easier and more helpful to you. Don't waste this information! It's here to help you! 

Fayette County High School Libraries

The following links are access to the Fayette County High School Library websites. Don't worry, you're not that far from home!

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