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High School Research Guide: Finding Articles

Using and transitioning to the University of Kentucky Libraries from your high school libraries

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar Search

Scholarly vs Popular Articles: Understanding the Difference

Scholarly Articles
·  Are lengthy
·  Are written by professors, researchers or scholars
·  Are written to inform other scholars of original research or experimentation
·  Are written in more specialized or technical language
·  Have footnotes or bibliographies
·  May contain research findings or data
·  Are generally available only by subscription

Popular Magazine or Newspaper Articles
·  Have glossy covers
·  Are written by journalists or reporters
·  Are written to inform, to persuade, or to entertain
·  Are intended for a general audience
·  Usually do not contain bibliographies
·  Can be purchased at a grocery store

Looking for a Specific Journal?

If you want to find a particular e-journal by name, look for it here. You can search by complete or partial title.

Scholarly and Popular Articles

Academic Search Complete is a good place to begin when you are looking for articles because it covers all disciplines in both popular magazines and scholarly journals. Academic Search Complete indexes thousands of titles and provides the full-text for many of the articles. Academic Search Complete allows you to print and/or save your results. You can even email articles to yourself already preformatted with the citation style of your choice.

Opposing Viewpoints is another good source for articles on current event topics. If you are having trouble deciding on a topic to write about, Opposing Viewpoints can give you some good ideas. Opposing Viewpoints includes short essays, academic articles, newspaper articles, reference, statistics, related web sites and other data.

Access World News contains articles from local and regional newspapers, including the Lexington Herald Leader and several other Kentucky newspapers.

Nexis Uni is a good source for newspaper articles. It covers over 5,600 news, business, legal, medical and reference publications, primarily newspapers, magazines and journals.

The View Now button attempts to get you to the full-text of an article.  View Now 
Click on this button in your search results to link to the article, to link to InfoKat Discovery to search for a print copy, or to request a copy through Interlibrary Loan.

Selected Primary Source Databases

What is a primary source? Generally, primary sources are those that document history as it is being made. 

This documentation can be written, visual and oral, but it is produced as close to the event or person being studied as possible.  Some examples are:

  • newspaper articles
  • interviews
  • oral histories
  • diaries, letters, and correspondence
  • autobiographies/memoirs
  • research data
  • government information
  • legislation

These databases will help you find artifacts (newspaper articles, pamphlets, artwork, etc.).  If you have trouble finding what you need, ask us for help.

Show Me How

Watch this video to learn how to find articles using Academic Search Complete(pdf version)