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Historic Preservation: UK Historic Preservation Master's Projects

This guide will assist you in finding materials in the field of historic preservation.

HP Master's Projects

University of Kentucky Historic Preservation Master's Projects are located in the Lucille C. Little Fine Arts Library special collections.  

To see one of these projects, please ask at the Fine Arts Library circulation desk. 

These do not leave the Fine Arts Library unless there is a second copy in the stacks.

UK Historic Preservation Master's Projects

Abner, Amanda Beth (2010)

A Contextual Study of Kentucky's Slab, Girder, Beam, and Arch Bridges and Culverts Prior to 1960

      TG 24 .K4 A26 2010


Alexander, Rachel D.  (2012)

Getting to the Hart of the Matter: A Critical Look at the National Register of Historic Places Archive and Case Study of the J. Hawkins Hart House and Alves Historic District

      F 459 .H49 A44 2012


Armstrong, Amelia Alice (2011)

Being Modern in a Conservative Context, the Residential Innovations of Norman Sweet, 1947-1960

      NA 735 .L7 A76 2011


Ball, Robert W. (2005)

The Graham House: a multi-disciplinary approach to preservation, interpretation and future planning Summers County, West Virginia

      NA 108 .H56 B35 2005


Barnish, Ruth Lynn (2010)

"A Home Among the Pines:" Reading a the life story of a common man's eighteenth-century northern Virginia dwelling through its wood and stone

      F 232 .P86 B37 2010


Bauw, Robyn (2005)

Preservation is maintenance: developing an historic preservation and maintenance plan for the Duncan Tavern Historic Center in Paris, Kentucky

      NA 7852.5 .P37 B38 2005


Bolasny, Paloma (2008)

Community Surveys as a Preservation Tool

      NA 9053 .C6 B65 2008


Brother, Janie-Rice (2003)

The agricultural and architectural landscapes of two antebellum Montgomery County farms

      F 457 .M74 B76 2003 (2 copies)

Buchta, David L. (2005)

Strategies toward preserving the University of Kentucky and the cultural and architectural heritages of other institutions

      F 451 .B83 2005 (2 copies)


Carter, Alison (2011)

Fourth Period: Preservation a high school elective in historic preservation

      E 159 .C37 2011

Chandler, Summer Joy (2001)

Architectural conservatism in “Little Georgia,” Lauderdale County, Mississippi

      NA 7235 .M72 L38 2001 (2 copies)


Condo, Timothy Lee (2013)

The State of Heritage Education in Rural Kentucky: A Focus on Marion County

      CC 135 .C66 2013 (2 copies)

Darland, Ashley

The Panoramic and the Picturesque: A study of French scenic wallpaper at Pleasant Retreat

      NK 3412 .D37 2010


DeBiase, Katie (2013)

Movie Palaces: Hollywood in the 1920s

      NA 6846 .U62 L67 2013 (2 copies)


Dollins, Heather M.  (2011)

East End and Davis Bottom: A study of the demographic and landscape changes of two neighborhoods in Lexington, Kentucky

      F 459 .L4 D66 2011


Doyon, Ann Marie (2009)

Kentucky's Traditional Courthouses: Preservation in the heart of the community

      NA 4472 .K45 D69 2009 (2 copies)


Edge, Caitlin Emery

Accessibility in Historic Buildings: Bridging the Gap Between ADA and NHPA

     NA 2545 .P5 E34 2015

Farnsworth, Tamara Carmichael

Upward mobility: the mobile home in context of vernacular architecture

      HD 7287.62 .U6 F37 2004 (2 copies)


Finney, Celine (2003)

A place to call their own: the cultural and historic landscape of Cadentown, Kentucky

      F 451 .F56 2003


Fluehr, Mark (2011)

Woodward Heights Live: a model for communicating the character of historic districts with an interactive website

      F 459 .L6 F58 2011


Gall, Rebecca (2011)

Historic Preservation and Affordable Housing: The rehabilitation of historic mill villages in the North Carolina Piedmont

      F 255 .G35 2011

Frost, Taylor (2013)

Does This Place Matter? The Role of Church Preservation in Congregations and Communities

      NA 5205 .F76 2013  (2 copies)

Gallow, Elizabeth Anne (2008)

Sensitivity to Age: Adapting Historic Environments to Better Serve Older Americans

      NA 2545 .A3 G35 2008


Gatewood, Rebecca (2007)

The Prison of War: The Study of a German Prisoner of War Camp, Camp Breckinridge, Union County, Kentucky

      UA 26 .C37 G37 2007


Gissendanner, Maria Ann (2008)

The Economic Value of Historic Preservation: The Effect of Local Historic Designation on Property Values in Lexington, Kentucky

      F 459 .L6 57 2008


Good, Julie Paige Wylie (2006)

In good faith: a case for adaptive reuse of religious buildings

      NA 5203 .G66 2006


Gray, Natalie (2003)

Assessing historic properties damaged by catastrophic events: case study of 167-173 Old Georgetown Street, Lexington, KY

      F 459 .L6 G73 2003

Green, Rachelle Marie (2007)

"Sleep in a Wigwam" Native American Imagery and Roadside Architecture Wigwam Village No.2, Cave City, Kentucky

      NA 6212 .G74 2007


Hathaway, Justin Jacob (2015)

Digital Mapping in Historic Preservation: How Technology Can Bring the Past to the Present

     CC135 .H38 2015 (2 copies)


Hoffert, Angelene J. (2012)

Recording a Piece of History:  Archival documentation and development of a historic property O'Connor's Grocery and residence

      F 459 .L6 H64 2012

Horlbeck, Jacqueline P. (2007)

'A woman architect: Magdalen McDowell and the era of progressive architecture in Lexington, Kentucky

      NA 737 .M46 H67 2006


House, Joan L. (2013)

The Hankla-Goodnight Farm

      S 548.5 .K4 H68 2013 (2 copies)


Hrvatin, Ryan (2010)

Anything from a barn to a mansion: the vertically integrated lumber companies of Lexington, Kentucky

      HD 9758 .L4 H78 2010 (2 copies)

Jamieson, Danielle (2007)

Historic preservation on permafrost: the impacts of permafrost foundations on historic buildings

      TA 713 .J36 2007


Johnson, Cynthia E. (2009)

Modernizing with Moderne: Lexington's Woolworth's Wonder Store

      NA 6227 .V37 J65 2009

Kennedy, Rachel (1999)

Preserving African American material culture: a study of the free Black  community in Lexington, Kentucky from 1800 to 1850

      E 185.93 .K3 K46 1999


Kincaid, Amanda Graham (2011)

The Importance of Historic Context to Historic Preservation

      E 159 .K56 2011    


Knowles, Jeanette (2000)

Historic preservation in three eastern Kentucky coal towns: progress in Benham, Van Lear, and Wayland

      F 451 .K56 2000 (2 copies)


Kramer, Courtney Heitstuman (2007)

Creating an experiential learning provider organization for historic preservation an ancillary fields in Virginia City, Montana

      F 739 .V57 K73 2007


Kruggel, Heidi Valco (2011)

The Georgetown Walking Tour: Discovering the History of an African-American, Antebellum Neighborhood
      F 534 .M2 K78 2011 (2 copies)


Latta, Ann Elizabeth (2008)

Historic Structure Report Yosemite Valley Post Office, Yosemite National Park

      F 868 .Y6 L37 2008

Lechert, Stephanie (2002)

The University of Kentucky administration building: a history and an interior design plan

      LD 2775 .A36 L43 2002 (2 copies)


Loughlin, Amanda Kathleen (2009)

Nominating the Nelson-Atkins: The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and the National Register of Historic Places

      N 582 .K3 L68 2009 (2 copies)


Ludwig, Elisa M. (2013)

Crossing Paths: The Working Relationship of Architects, Interior Designers, and Historic Preservationists

      NA 105 .L89 2013


Lyerly, Madeline (2011)

The Role of Social Media in Historic Preservation Nonprofits

      HD 62.6 .L94 2011

McCormick, Lois R. (2009)

A Preservation Approach to the Memorial Stained Glass Windows of Christ Church Cathedral in Lexington, Kentucky

      NK 5304.5 .M33 2009


McIntosh, Scott Allen (2007)

Davis Bottom: a case study in the preservation of the intangible

F459 .L6 M35 2007


McNamee, Kathleen (2016)

Past Meets Present: LEED Certification and the Economic Feasibility of Sustainable Historic Preservation

TH 3361 .M36 2016 (2 copies)


Magrish, Robert Coleman (2010)

Interpretive Methodology for Historic Sites: A study for the re-interpretation of the Paynter-Maull House in Lewes, Delaware

      F 174 .L49 M35 2010


Martinolich, Katherine (2012)

Beyond the Fill-Up:  A Guide to the History, Context, and Rehabilitation of Vintage American Gas Stations, 1913-1970

      TL 153 .M37 2012 (2 copies)


Milton-Pung, Melissa (2004)

State tax credits for historic structures: community reinvestment and historic preservation

      NA 106 .M55 2004 (2 copies)


Milsap, Carolyne (2016)

Living in Metal:  The Livability of the Lustron Home

     TH 4819 .P7 M55 2016


Moore, Anne M.

Combining Architectural History and Archaeology on Two Slave Houses Auvergne, Bourbon County, Kentucky

      F 457 .B8 M66 2008


Mortimer, Melissa Beth (2013)

Preservation on College Campuses: A Study of the Implementation of Preservation Plans

      LB 3223.3 .M67 2013 (2 copies)


Muth, Julie Whalen (2013)

Drive-in Theaters of Kentucky: A Study of Design, Significance, & Preservation

      NA 6846 .U6 M87 2013 (2 copies)

Ogle, Robert W. (2005)

Closing the gap in historic preservation education

       NA 106 .O35 2005


Olander, Jennifer (2007)

Endangered place lists: an evaluation of effectiveness

      E 159 .O43 2007


Orthel, Bryan D. (2004)

Reconciling design, landscape, and preservation policy: a reconsideration of design review processes for historic districts

NA 9053 .H55 O78 2004


Orthober, John (2006)

An Overview of the Chapter 34 Building Code Process: Rehabilitating Existing Structures in Kentucky

      KFK 1659 .A1 O78 2006 (2 copies)

Payne Jr., R. Glen (2005)

Web-based management of historic resource inventory surveys: a prototype for Winchester, Kentucky

      F 459 .W56 P39 2005


Peckler, Danae A. (2009)

Settlement Period Agriculture in the Bluegrass Region (1770s-1820s): An historic context for farm properties in Central Kentucky

      S 584.6 .K4 P43 2009


Pennock, Sarah (2010)

A Personal Past: The civil war's battle for connection in modern America

      E 641 .P46 2010


Perlman, Patrice Leann (2012)

Urban Preservation Mechanisms: A Case Study of the Centrepoint Block in Lexington, Kentucky

      F 459 .L6 P47 2012 (2 copies)


Pfau, Christina Marie (2010)

The Viability of Thermal Imaging as a Non-destructive Diagnostic Tool for Preservation: Two Case Studies

      TH 1715 .P33 2010 (2 copies)


Pierson, Joseph Clark (2007)

Rehabilitating the Ouerbacher house: using community development and historic preservation incentives to redevelop community infrastructure in low-income neighborhoods

      NA 9053 .C6 P54 2007


Plaisted, Anthony (2004)

Going to ruins: the case for saving historic iron furnace ruins in the Hanging Rock Iron District of Kentucky

      TN 704 .U5 P53 2004


Poole, Lauren Adele Rohrbach (2015)

Exploring the Local: A History of Urban Renewal and Historic Preservation in Lexington, Kentucky

     HT 177 .L49 P66 2015  (2 copies)


Prybylski, Matthew Edward (2011)

Dead Men Do Tell Tales:  Using a Cultural Landscape Approach to Assessing and Evaluating Historic Cemeteries

      E 159 .P79 2011 (2 copies)


Ramler, Mark (2010)

Camp Spring's, KY Preservation & Design Guidelines

      F 459 .C366 P74  2010

Rawe, Anthony (1999)

Architecture of the Kentucky tobacco sales warehouse: evolution and development as a unique building type

      NA 6342 .R39 1999


Reynolds, Sarah Jerusha (2010)

Rehabilitation, Renovation, and Demolition: An analysis of the presentation of historic preservation in home improvement television programming

      NA 7205 .R49 2010


Riegert, Michael Anthony (2002)

Conservation at the African Cemetery no.2, Lexington, Kentucky

      F 459 .L6 R54 2002


Rogers, Fred J. (2001)

African Cemetery no.2: cycles of desecration and renewal

      F 459 .L6 R64 2001


Rozniak, Sara Elizabeth (2012)

Examination of Professional Certification in Historic Preservation

      E 159 .R69 2012 (2 copies)


Ryall, Jennifer Nicole (2011)

Beuchel Terrace: Discovering the Influence of the Developer in 1950's Largest Gunnison Homes Subdivision

      HD 268 .L7 R93 2011


Schieltz, Whitney Anne (2012)

The Breakers: A case study of the relationship between the customs of high society and the Gilded Age mansions in Newport, Rhode Island, 1865-1914

      NA 7511 .N49 S34 2012 (2 copies)

Schraner, Amanda Leigh (2005)

The demise of Lexington’s historic tobacco landscape: a study of the city’s vanishing built environment and recommendations for its preservation

      NA 730 .K42 L49 2005


Schwartz, Laura (2009)

Urban Renewal: Pittsburgh's Hill District

      HT 177 .P5 S33 2009


Shank, Ginger M. (2007)

A Process for Developing Design Guidelines for H-1 Historic Districts

      NA 9053 .H55 S53 2007


Spencer, Michael (2007)

The Emerging Motorist Hotel, A Study of W. B. Tate's Hotels in Madison County, Kentucky

      TX 941 .T37 S64 2005


Spurlock, Trent (2010)

Development of Standardized Designs for Veterans Bureau and Veterans Administration Hospitals of the Interwar Period: 1919-1940

      UH 473 .S68 2010

Thompson, David Patrick (2007)

From Industrialization to Recreation: The Case of the Red River Iron Manufacturing Company Furnace, Estill County, Kentucky

      HD 9517 .K4 T56 2007 (2 copies)


Turner, Rebecca Horn (2011)

Post-War Suburbs in Frankfort, KY - Montrose Park as a Cultural Landscape 1930-1960

      F 459 .F8 T87 2011


Updike, William D. (2011)

Revised and Updated Madison County Rediscovered

      NA 730 .K42 M345 2011

Unger, Frank (2003)

Toyotaization: development on prime agricultural land in Scott County

      HD 266 .K42 U5 2003 (2 copies)


Waddell, Ambrose (2015)

The Log Buildings of Peacock Valley

     NA 730 .V82 W39 2015 (2 copies)

Walters, Marnie G. (2005)

Profiting from preservation: an economic study of the adaptive reuse of the Mucci building

      F 459 .F8 W35 2005

Zeoli, Vanessa (2007)

Survey and analysis of the upper reaches of Boone Creek Rural Historic District, Clark and Fayette Counties, Kentucky

      F 457 .C56 Z46 2007