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Research Data Services at UK: FAQ

Resources and information to help you get started with data management, data preservation, and data sharing


Frequently Asked Questions

Data analysis: 

  • Q: What resources are available for data analysis?
  •  For details about our campus software, computing support, and visualization tools, please visit our Tools & Resources page.

Data planning and data management plans:

  • Q: Where do I start and what do I need to know?
  •  Our Plan page offers resources, guidelines, and broader considerations to help you get started.
  •  Our DMP Tool page links to the DMP Tool and offers a brief visual tutorial to help you get started.
  • ► Our Grant Requirements page brings together numerous funding agencies policies and requirements for data management and data sharing.

Data sharing:

  • QWhat do I need to know about data sharing?
  •  Our Share page offers best practices and broader considerations for sharing of research data. Our UKnowledge, the University of Kentucky's Institutional Repository, provides our campus community with a globally interconnected online portal for depositing and sharing research.

Data retention: 

Data storage:

  • Q: What campus options and resources are available for data storage?
  •  Several secure storage options are available through UKITS and the Center for Computational Sciences. For more details, please visit our Data Storage page.

Describing your data:

  • Q: What are best practices and considerations for describing my research data?
  •  Robust data description is key for ensuring that future scholars will be able to find your research data. Our Describe page offers practical details on descriptive metadata, metadata standards, and best practices for creating readme files.

File types and naming conventions:

  • Q: What file types are best for saving and sharing my data, and what should I keep in mind for naming my data files?
  •  Our File Formats & Naming Guidelines page offers information about file formats, considerations for choosing file types, and best practices for naming your files.


  • Q: Where and how can I learn more?
  •  During the academic year, UK Libraries and several campus offices offer training sessions on a variety of aspects related to research data management. Our Events & Training page offers details and current announcements on in-person and online training sessions offered by UK Libraries, CELT, VP for Research, Office of Research Integrity, and more!

? More questions?   Please feel free to reach out and Contact Us!