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Research Data Services at UK: Getting Started

Resources and information to help you get started with data management, data preservation, and data sharing

Research Data Services at UK Libraries

Welcome to the UK Libraries Data Management Research Guide! Regardless of the type of research data you are working with, familiarizing yourself with best practices in the management and sharing of your data can streamline your process and increase the impact of your research outputs. This guide provides advice, resources, and contact information for people who can help you with all of your research data management needs.

What Would You Like to Do?

Plan: Make a plan for the data in your project: what data will be collected, how it will be managed, and where it will be stored at the conclusion of your research. Manage: Keep your data secure, organized, and well-documented as you collect and analyze it. Share: Share your data in a way that others can find, access, and reuse it. Get citation credit for your data as a first-class research output. Find: Find previously generated and shared data and utilize it in your own research.

Research Data Librarian

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Isaac Wink

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