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Research Data Services at UK: Plan

Resources and information to help you get started with data management, data preservation, and data sharing


PLAN On this page, you'll find options for creating plans to manage your data. Data management plans consist of descriptions of the data that will be compiled, how the data will be managed, and how it will made accessible throughout its lifetime. Funding agencies increasingly require the inclusion of a data management plan with grant proposals. Requirements can vary by funding agency and even by announcement within a particular agency. It's important to look at the requirements for your particular announcement when developing your data management plan. Tools like the DMP Tool help users understand their data management needs and create plans that meet requirements.

Office of the Vice President for Research

The Office for the Vice President for Research provides programs and services to support UK faculty, staff, and students in grant development & submission, compliance and regulatory affairs, development of intellectual property, and to highlight their research achievements.

UK Office for Research Integrity

The UK ORI provides support for various Institutional Review Boards (IRB) and the Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC). The office also maintains the UK Data Retention & Ownership Policy. For more information, please call 859-257-9428.

UK Proposal Development Office

The UK PDO provides wide-ranging support to faculty, staff, and students across all stages of their grant and fellowship applications. For more information, please call 859-257-2861.

Data Standards, Best Practices, and Guiding Principles

Dryad best practices for creating reusable data packages

Set of best practices for reusable data, including (among many): protocols, data conventions, and descriptive principles. Although these guidelines for creating data packages focus on Dryad specifically, many of the stated principles apply universally.

FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship

F = Findable • A = Accessible • I = Interoperable • R = Reusable


Curated, informative and educational resource on data and metadata standards -- inter-related to databases and data policies.

For more information, see the Data Sources at UK Libraries guide.

Good Research Practice Resource Center

The Good Research Practice Resource Center provides tools and leads conversations to develop and support research processes that enhance data quality, integrity, and reproducibility.

The Center has developed and maintains a register of standard operating procedures and protocol templates that can be adapted for use in various research applications including, but not limited to:

  • Transparent documentation procedures
  • Equipment maintenance and testing
  • Personnel training
  • Record retention and archiving

General Questions: 859-323-4285

Guides to Data Management

ICPSR Guide to Social Science Data Preparation and Archiving 

This in-depth guide to managing social science data can answer many questions about preserving and making data available.

Oak Ridge Nat'l Lab Data Management for Data Providers 

This site provides an overview of data management planning and preparation and offer practical methods to successfully share and archive your data.

Data Ownership, Retention, and Destruction: Resources and Policies

Data Retention and Ownership Policy. From University of Kentucky Office of the Vice President for Research.

University of Kentucky Office of Research Integrity and Institutional Review Board Standard Operating Procedures. (pdf).

Regulatory Closeout Support Services. From UK Center of Clinical & Translational Science (CCTS).

  • This site contains detailed information about data destruction and information about study closeout and records destruction services.
  • Destruction of Study Records. (link will prompt you to save a Word document).

Confidential Mixed Media. From Campus Physical Plant Division.

  • Mixed media recycling program is for the appropriate collection, destruction and recycling of electronic data storage devices that contain confidential information that needs to be destroyed, such as hard drives, flash drives, CD’s and DVD’s, floppy disks, film, data tapes.

State Agency Records Retention Schedule. From Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, Archives and Records Management Division:

  • Retain until five (5) years after submission or publication of the final project report for which the data were collected, whichever is longer, and audit, then destroy. If retention requirements specified in funding agency's regulations are longer, the agency requirements will apply. Also, at the discretion of the university, some data may be retained longer for use in subsequent projects. If records are part of a research misconduct investigation, retain until seven (7) years after end of the investigation, then destroy.