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Research & Publishing in Health Sciences: Organize Your Research

Learn about library resources, selecting journals, predatory publishing, and EndNote.

Data Management Tools & Resources

Setting up a Data Management Plan

UK Libraries offers help planning and writing a Data Management Plan (DMP). We also provide access to DMPTool. DMPTool will guide you through including the required elements in a data management plan providing detail for different granting agencies.

Searching for Publicly Available Data Management Plans



Research Data Management Guide

The UK Libraries Research Data Management guide provides advice, resources, and contact information for people who can help you with all of your research data management needs.

  1. Help creating a data management plan.
  2. Describe metadata.
  3. Share file formats.
  4. Find data storage options.
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Open Science Framework (OSF)

Open Science Framework is a platform that allows researchers to host their projects. Researchers can also register their scientific studies using the OSF features.

  1. Share projects across institutions.
  2. Hosts non-funded projects.
  3. Protocol Publishing.

OSF has a Wiki that details what OSF stands for and how it can be used by different user groups.

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How the Library Can Help

The Medical Center Library provides a few different services. First is that we have a Literature Search Request Form that can be filled out with keywords and/or MeSH headings.

In addition, we also provide support for Systematic Reviews. That information can be found on the Systematic Review Guide