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This guide provides information about the University of Kentucky's institutional repository, UKnowledge.

Image of data

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

An increasing number of research funding agencies have required that grantees curate and share their research data upon conclusion of their projects.  Similarly, journals have made research data sharing a requirement for authors.  UKnowledge as the University of Kentucky's institutional repository can help researchers in the UK community meet this requirement by providing access to their datasets and supporting documents.  There already exist UKnowledge collections for sharing discipline-based research data, e.g., entomology research data.  Each dataset has a record that provides descriptive information in line with the FAIR Guiding Principles for research data management and stewardship.  If you would like to have a research data collection created for a particular academic department or research center at UK, please feel free to reach out by e-mail.

Research data sharing is part of the research data lifecycle.  More information about the lifecycle and recommended research data management practices is available from the research data services guide.  The following resources provide useful information about the FAIR principles: