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E-Books at the University of Kentucky Libraries: Clinical Key


About this Resource

ClinicalKey is a point-of-care clinical information service for physicians and other healthcare professionals. It provides access to a unique combination of medical reference books, medical journals, drug information, and practice guidelines. ClinicalKey helps health professionals locate and use clinical information quickly to answer questions and to keep current with changing healthcare issues.

Components include:

  • MDConsult
  • Procedures Consult
  • all Clinical Pharmacology drug monographs
  • all Medical and Surgical Clinics of North America
  • medical and surgical videos and images
  • 900+ electronic reference books
  • 500+ electronic journals

Use & Download Info


ClinicalKey requires registration/login with a UKY email address to download PDFs of books and/or book chapters. Once you create an account, you must verify your account through an email sent to your UKY account, but will then be able to access ClinicalKey content on and off campus without going through our proxy. 

Software Requirements

If you do not wish to create an account, you can still access the content in HTML by going through the link on the library’s homepage.

Special Note: 

In addition, books intended for medical education do not include PDFs, but are available in full text in the ClinicalKey HTML book reader, complete with all images, tables, and references.

Faculty Note:

If you are a faculty member and wish to assign reading resources for your courses, please note that all content in ClinicalKey, including book chapters and parts thereof, have durable URLs that can be captured and copied into a syllabus and will lead directly to the needed source.


ClinicalKey Mobile App

ClinicalKey content is indexed daily and continues to grow as new resources are published, ensuring that every decision clinicians make is based on the most current evidence. ClinicalKey’s Smart Search technology understands specific questions and pulls the most clinically relevant results from reference books, journals, drug monographs, videos and more.

The ClinicalKey Mobile App can be used on iOS and Android devices. The App features:
• Persistent login
• Intuitive search with auto-suggest
• Ability to bookmark and save items
• Access to full-text books, full-text journals, guidelines, multimedia and more

You can download the Mobile Apps here:

iOS: iTunes

Android: Google Play

To get started with ClinicalKey

1. Download the free ClinicalKey App

2. Sign in securely using your ClinicalKey or Institution account


*Apple Devices require iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

*Android Devices require 4.1 and up

Visit the Elsevier e-Book format help page to answer any questions you might have about using this database. 

You can also Ask Us at UK Libraries for help. 


Checkout time

Not specified.

Hold/renewal options

Not specified.

Number of users permitted

Unlimited but user must create an active Login to access materials.

Printing limits

Not specified.