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Using Article Databases

Article databases allow you to access scholarly journal articles and often other resources like books, reference materials, and popular magazine and newspaper articles. Database search results are more focused and precise than those you find while web searching. Databases are also more trustworthy than the web. All material in databases is evaluated for accuracy and credibility by subject area specialists.

Top Research Databases - find articles on education related topics

InfoKat Discovery - find books, research articles, and more.

Open Access Journals in Educaiton

Other Useful Links

What are Scholarly Articles?

Introduction to Scholarly Articles helps you learn about what defines a scholarly article, whether or not "scholarly" means "peer reviewed", etc.

Length: Approximately 6-8 minutes

Introduction to Scholarly Articles

How to - Searching for Articles

This â€‹Selecting Search Terms animation is helpful understanding the process of turning your research topic into helpful search terms in our databases.

The Using the View Now Button animation explains what this button is and how to use it when you come across it in library databases.

For materials that UK does not own, Interlibrary Loan is a great service for you to be familiar with. This short clip about â€‹Interlibrary Loan explains what ILL is and how to request materials using it.