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Famous Trials: Getting Started

A special topic guide for researching famous trials in history

Famous Trials

Getting Started

This guide will illustrate and explain how to search specific library resources in order to find sources on the trial or medico-legal topic you are studying.

For the annotated bibliography assignment you need seven sources

  1. One dissertation or master's thesis in the subject of history based on your historical trial (*not from the University of Kentucky). 
  2. Contemporary (to the trial) periodical article (primary source). 
  3. At least one photograph (digitized or physical copy) related to your trial or topic.
  4. Must use a biographical dictionary or obituary from the New York Times for information on a person related to your trial.
  5. Secondary source article from a historian or legal scholar from a scholarly journal.
  6. For the remaining two sources you may use primary sources like trial transcripts or secondary sources such as books or journal articles.

If you need help in selecting a historical trial to study, check out the resource above, Famous Trials.

Or use the Libraries reference resources to search and browse for topics.

Or try searching the Libraries Catalog, InfoKat Discovery.

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