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Open Educational Resources

This guide provides an overview of alternative textbooks (open educational resources) and offers assistance with finding, adopting, and creating them. © 2016-2021 University of Kentucky Libraries. Licensed with CC BY-SA 4.0.

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About the Alternative (Alt) Textbook Grant Program

The University of Kentucky Libraries launched the Alternative Textbook Grant Program in 2016. The Program supports student success by reducing the financial burdens of buying traditional textbooks.  The Program provides grants for instructors to replace commercial textbooks with openly licensed equivalents and/or library-licensed resources, ensuring students gain free access to essential learning materials and instructors benefit from more choices when selecting textbooks for their courses.
Results of the Program as of February 2022:

  • Grants awarded: 59
  • Funds awarded: $107,500
  • Students enrolled in impacted courses: 12,480
  • Estimated student savings: $1,543,979
  • Estimated savings per student: $124
  • Colleges represented by grant recipients: 13

The Alternative Textbook Grant Program Advisory Board comprises key stakeholders in teaching and learning at the University of Kentucky and facilitates the implementation of the Program. The Advisory Board consists of a minimum of 8 but no more than 10 members that reflect multidisciplinary perspectives, including faculty, students, and other campus representatives.