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Key information resources for research in clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, social psychology, and health psychology.

Career & Job Information

Career information, including required education and licensing, salary information, job outlook, training, and fact sheets for psychology, counseling, and psychiatry.

American Psychological Association

 The following links direct you to resources provided by the APA.

American Counseling Association

 The following links direct you to resources provided by the ACA. The information here is mostly relevant for those who want to become counselors.

National Board for Certified Counselors

 For those going into counseling careers, the link below from the NBCC will be informative.

American Psychiatric Association

 There are big differences between psychology and psychiatry. The following link from the "other" APA tells you more about a career in psychiatry. FUN FACT: The American Psychiatric Association publishes the DSM which many of you will become familiar with in your psychology education and training.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

 The following link directs you to the official online version of the Occupational Outlook Handbook entry for psychologists.

Occupational Information Network

 The following link directs you to a list of entries for psychology and related occupations with information about what is expected and required for each.

Reputable job sites

Here's a few links to some job sites that post employment positions in psychology. As you think about your future careers, you might benefit from looking at real job ads and evaluating what employers are looking for.