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* Psychology: Tests & Measures

Research guide for psychology.


This guide is intended to help UK students identify tests, measures, instruments, scales, checklists, and other assessments for research/academic purposes.

Published Tests

Tests and measures that are published are usually only available by purchasing them from the publisher, and not available to the general public. Check the HAPI or MMY databases on this guide for publishing information on a specific test or measure. Or do a web search for the title. 

Statement on the Use of Secure Psychological Tests in the Education of Graduate and Undergraduate Psychology Students, from the American Psychological Association.

Example of Published Test

Multidimensional Anxiety Questionnaire (MAQ) is a commercially available instrument published by PAR Inc. 

Example: review of this questionnaire in Mental Measurements Yearbook

Example: research study that utilized the questionnaire located in the Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HaPI) database

Reviews of Tests & Measures

HAPI and MMY contain reviews of tests and measures, which often include validity and reliability information.

Research Studies Containing Tests & Measures

Search in these databases to locate research studies that have utilized tests and measures:

Unpublished Tests

Not all tests and measures are published. Many unpublished (or noncommercial) tests and measures exist in the in the behavioral sciences literature, i.e. in research studies published in journal articles. See the box titled "Research Studies Containing Tests & Measures" to identify a database to use.

Ethical User Responsibilities

Users of unpublished tests have certain ethical responsibilities. Please contact the instrument's author and request permission to use it. If you cannot locate the author, obtain permission from the publisher holding the copyright to the original material. 

Example of Unpublished Test

The Student Worry Questionnaire-30 is an unpublished instrument, attached as an appendix to this journal article: 

Osman, A., Gutierrez, P. M., Downs, W. R., Kopper, B. A., Barrios, F. X., & Haraburda, C. M. (2001). Development and Psychometric Properties of the Student Worry Questionnaire–30. Psychological Reports, 88(1), 277–290.