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Anthropology: Anthropology Research at UK

Basic and Advanced Information for Resources in Anthropology. Spring 2019.

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Getting Started with your Research

Some tips to get you started:

  • Understand your assignment.  What kind of information do you need?  Peer-reviewed journal articles, literary criticism, biographical information?
  • Know your deadlines.  It is so much easier to do your research early so that you will have plenty of time to write your paper.
  • Develop your topic.  Narrowing your broad idea to a specific question you want to research will save you much time and effort.
  • Brainstorm keywords.  Think about keywords related to each aspect of your topic to help in searching.

If you run into any trouble at any point in your research process, you can always Ask Us for help. 

Another advantage to starting your research early: you can schedule a consultation with a librarian. Librarians are here to help you navigate the many resources available to you, and a consultation is a great opportunity to make sure you are looking in the right places. Librarians are glad to help!

UK Libraries that have anthropology materials

Call Numbers & Subject Headings - Browse the stacks

Archaeology - To browse antiquities and ancient civilizations, go to CB on the 4th floor, south wing. To browse classical archaeology, go to CC on the 4th floor, south wing. To browse prehistoric anthropology, go to GN700 on the 4th floor, west and north wings.

Biological Anthropology crosses multiple disciplines, but most of the books on biological or physical anthropology are in the same general area in several call number ranges.  Most of the books fall between the call numbers GN1-GN300.  All are located on the 4th floor, west and north wings. The breakdown is below:

GN 51-59         Anthropometry

GN62.8-265      Human variation

GN269-279       Race

GN 280.7          Man as an animal

GN 281-289      Human evolution

GN296-296.5    Medical anthropology

Cultural Anthropology crosses multiple disciplines but most of the books on cultural anthropology are in the same general area in several call numbers.  Most of the books fall in the call numbers GN, GR, and GT along with P, which is philology and linguistics. GN, GR, and GT are located on the 4th floor of Young Library in the west and north wings.  Philology and Linguistics are located on the 4th Floor, east wing.

GN 357-367         Culture and cultural processes

GN378-396          Collected ethnographies

GN 397-397.7       Applied anthropology

GN  406-517         Cultural traits

GN537-674           Ethnic groups and races

GR                       Folklore

GT                       Manners and customs     

P                         Philology, Linguistics

Anthropology and Human Environmental Sciences Librarian

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