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NRE/LA 355: Finding Data

NRE/LA 355: Introductory Geospatial Applications for Land Analysis, Spring 2022

Working with Data

Below is an overview of common GIS file formats: 

Common types of data creation include: 

  • Collecting Field Data: The process of gathering information by examining phenomena found in the world. Can involve taking measurements, observations, and/or recordings.
  • Georeferencing: The process of transforming a scanned map or image by using GIS software to apply geographic coordinates.
  • Geocoding: The process of taking an address and aligning it with geographic coordinates

Oftentimes the data you want is already available, you just have to find it! Below are lists of popular data websites and search engine websites that can assist you in locating the data you need to create a successful spatial narrative. Many of these datasets emerge from the Open Data movement and the push to make data increasingly available and transparent. If you are curious, you can read about Open Data here

General Data Websites

These websites can be good for general searches. 


Historical Documents & Photos

Below is a list of websites where you can find historical maps, images, and documents that you can incorporate into your spatial narratives. 

Additional Data Websites