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Artists' Books in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library: Artists in the collection, A-H

The Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library's collection of artists' books.

  Julie Chen        Karen Hanmer

  Ruth Adams   Doug Aitkens   Kurt Allerslev, Christopher Wilde and Marshall Weber   Clifford Amyx   Alice Austin   Susan Baker   Milissa Burkart   R. D. Burton   John Byrum   Irene Chan   Rob Dickes   EIDIA   Joel Feldman   Bernice Ficek-Swenson   Deborah Frederick   Maryam Monalisa Gharavi   Rebecca Goodale   Douglas Gordon   Guy Himber   Mei-Ling Hom

Julie Chen


Full Circle
N 7433.4 .C425 F
85 2006



Guide to Higher Learning
N 7433.4 .C425 G853 2009


Invented Landscape
N 7433.4 .C425 I5835 2010


N 7433.4 .C425 P36 2008


Personal Paradigms
N 7433.4 .C425 P47 2003


True to Life
N 7433.4 .C425 T78 2004


N 7433.4 .C425 V549 2006


Chen, Julie and Barbara Tetenbaum

N 7433.4 .T48 G55 2011


Chen, Julie and Clifton Meador

How Books Work
N 7433.4 .C425 H68 2010


(All Julie Chen images from Vamp and Tramp Booksellers)

Karen Hanmer

8:30 to 5
N 7433.4 .H366 E3 2000

America's Most Wanted
N 7433.4 .H366 A44 2003

Big Blue
N 7433.4 .H366 B54 2006


Big River
N 7433.4 .H366 B547 2004


Deal Me In, Mona
N 7433.4 .H366 D33 1999


Famopily by Karen Hanmer‚Äč

N 7433.4 .H36 F36 1999


Flip Farm
N 7433.4 .H366 F55 2001


N 7433.4 .H366 F65 2007

Click for a PDF about how this book was made:


Karen Hanmer Horizons Capri

Horizons ... Capri
N 7433.4 .H366 H675 2011


N 7433.4 .H366 M5 2009


N 7433.4 .H366 P72 2006


The Spectrum A to Z
N 7433.4 .H366 S6 2003


Star Poems
N 7433.4 .H366 S73 2008


Vacation Planner
N 7433.4 .H366 V3 2002


(All Karen Hanmer images from or photographed at the Lucille C. Little Fine Arts Library)


Adams, Ruth

Ruth Adams Feminine Enigma

The Feminine Enigma
N 7433.4 .A33 F4 2012


N 7433.4 .A33 H3 2012


Aitkens, Doug

N 7433.4 .A48 A4 2005


Allerslev, Kurt and Christopher Wilde and Marshall Weber

Booklyn Golden Horse

The Golden Horse
N 7433.4.A45 G65 2005


Amyx, Clifford

clifford amyx haiku

Haiku no. 32
N 7433.4 .A88 H32 1980


Austin, Alice

Red, Yellow, Blue
N 7433.4 .A89 R43 2000


Baker, Susan

Don't Bug the Waitress
N 7433.4 .B34 A4 1987


Burkart, Milissa

N 7433.4 .B872 Q4 2010z

Image from Vamp and Tramp Booksellers.


Burton, R. D.

Dexterity Walking Man
N 7433.4 .B868 D527 2008


Lincoln Tunnel
N 7433.4 .B868 L56 2007


 Byrum, John

N 7433.4 .B PS3552.Y796 R55 1990

Images from Vamp and Tramp Booksellers


Chan, Irene

N 7433.4 .C476 C4 1998


Chen, Julie

See left side bar


Dickes, Rob
N 7433.4 .D53 W5 2008


(Paul Lamarre and Melissa Wolf)

We Apologize
N 7433.4 .W4 2004


Feldman, Joel

Context is Everything
N 7433.4 .F45 C6 2011


N 7433.4 .F45 U5 2010


Ficek-Swenson, Bernice

Stone Voices

Stone Voices
N 7433.4 .F... S... 2017


Frederick, Deborah

8 Breakfasts in 8 Pages
N 7433.4 .F74 E54 1999

Image from Women's Studio Workshop


Scenes from a Deli
N 7433.4 .F74 S3 2001



Gharavi, Maryam Monalisa


N 7433.4 .G52 A4 2018

Image from Inventory Press


Goodale, Rebecca

Butler Sanctuary

Butler Sanctuary
N 7433.4 .G67 B88 2004

Image from Vamp and Tramp Booksellers


Gordon, Douglas

Vanity of Allegory
N 6797 .G66 A4 2005

Images from Vamp and Tramp Booksellers


Hanmer, Karen

See left side bar

Himber, Guy   

V and A Steamworks
N 7433.4 .H563 V363 2009
Image from Vamp and Tramp Booksellers.


Hom, Mei-Ling

Mei-Ling Hom In the Morning

In the Morning
N 7433.4 .H7 I5 1990

Image from Women's Studio Workshop