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Artists' Books in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library: Artists in the collection, I-Q

The Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library's collection of artists' books.

  Susan King

  KaKe (Ann Kalmbach and Tana Kellner)   Anne Marie Kennedy   Christine Kermaire   Ann M. Kresge   Louise Levergneaux   Richard Long   Su Lund   Rita MacDonald   Jim Machacek   Scott McCarney   Nora Lee McGillivray   Barbara Milman   Howard Munson   Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli  Bea Nettles   Lesley Patterson-Marx   Todd Pattison   peven (Michael Peven)   Amy Pirkle

Susan King


Redressing the 60s
N 7433.4 .K56 R43 2001


I Dream Atget
N 7433.4 .K56 I24 1997


susan king treading the maze

Treading the Maze
N 7433.4 .K56 T74 1993


susan king queen of wands

Queen of Wands
N 7433.4 .K56 Q84 1993


Say, See, Bone: Lesson from French
N 7433.4 .K56 S29 1988


susan king lessons from the South

Lessons from the South
N 7433.4 .K56 A4 1986


I Spent the Summer in Paris: A View of Life in Paris, France & Paris, Kentucky, 1983
N 7433.4 .K56 A4 1984


susan king women in cars

Women and Cars
N 7433.4 .K56 W6 1983


Life in L.A.: A Portfolio of Women's Writing
N 7433.4 .K56 L54 1983


N 7433.4 .K56 G46 1981


Pacific Legend
N 7433.4 .K56 P37 1977


susan king always a bridesmaid

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride
N 7433.4 .K56 A49 1978


passport susan king

7433.4 .K56 P37 1976


All Susan King images c. Susan King at Paradise Press,




Kalmbach, Ann and Tana Kellner (KaKe)

Presidential Quiz

Presidential Quiz
N 7433.4 .K34 P7 1997

image from the Women's Studio Workshop


Kennedy, Anne Marie

Plant Dreams
N 7433.4 .K46 P53 1999


Kermaire, Christine

christine kermaire detail

Survival phylactery yarvis syndrom
N 7433.4 .K48 2001


The silent host (De zwijgende menigte, La multitude silencieuse)
N 7433.4 .K47 S55 2008


King, Susan

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Kresge, Ann M.    

Air Born
N 7433.4 .K74 A75 1994


LaBouff, Colette

Colette LaBouff Holdings LaBouff Holdings

N 7433.4 .L... H... 2019
images: Container


Levergneaux, Louise

City Shields, Vol.2 No.1: Toronto
N 7433.4 .L477 C57 2001


N 7433.4 .L477 I55 2005


Seattle Visité
N 7433.4 .L477 S43 2000


Long, Richard

Dartmoor: An Eight Day Walk, 2005
N 7433.4 .L65 D3 2006


Lund, Su

Seeker Healer
N 7433.4 .L86 S4 1990

One-of-a-kind piece. 


MacDonald, Rita

Fam-i-ly: A Book
N 7433.4 .M332 F36 1994



Machacek, Jim

O is for Opera
N 7433.4 .R688 S65 1991


McCarney, Scott   

Memory Loss
N 7433.4 .M34 R60 1988

McGillivray, Nora Lee

N 7433.4 .M344 C54 1997


Milman, Barbara

Winners and Losers
N 7433.4 .M558 W56 2011

Image from Vamp and Tramp Booksellers.


Munson, Howard

The Way of the Brush
N 7433.4 .M86 W39 2005


Japanese Calligraphy Landscape
N 7433.4 .M86 J37 2008


Nabarra-Piomelli, Amandine

Bernoulli Equation for Unsteady Potential Flow
N 7433.4 .N33 B47 2008

Image from Vamp and Tramp Booksellers.



Nettles, Bea

N 7433.4 .N458 P53 2013




Patterson-Marx, Lesley

Preserved Memory
N 7433.4 .P37 P7 2014


Scroll Book
N 7433.4 .P37 S2 2000


Songbird Harmonica Book
N 7433.4 .P37 S6 2014


Pattison, Todd

Little Library
N 7433.4 .P38 L58 2009

Image from the Guild of Book Workers.


peven (Michael Peven)

Open... Heart Surgery
N 7433.4 .P48 2006


Pirkle, Amy

N 7433.4 .P5695 S66 2008

Image from Vamp and Tramp Booksellers.