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Artists' Books in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library: Recent acquisitions

The Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library's collection of artists' books.

About the Latest Exhibit

This latest exhibit features some of the library's newest artists' books, including pieces from the following artists:

  • Clifford Amyx
  • Joel Feldman
  • Miriam Woolfolk
  • R.D. Burton
  • Milissa Burkart
  • Jim Machanek
  • Julie Chen
  • Ruth Adams
  • Amy Pirkle
  • Barbara Milman
  • Maryann Riker
  • Mary Rezny
  • Todd Pattison

The library has been very fortunate in attaining these artists' books: many of the works included in this exhibit are one-of-a-kind! Please stop by the 1st floor display cases to see and learn more.

Photographs of Select Exhibit Pieces

These photographs represent but a few of the artists and artists' books featured in the latest exhibit. Please stop by the first floor display cases (a gift of the Donovan Trust) at the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library at the University of Kentucky to see and learn more.

Ruth Adams, The Feminine Enigma (center) and Hana (far left).

Amy Pirkle, Smoke.

Smoke (detail)

Todd Pattison, Little Library.

Barbara Milman, Winners and Losers.