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Artists' Books in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library: Artists in the collection, R-Z

The Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library's collection of artists' books.

  Mary Rezny        Jill Timm

  Mary Ann Riker   Sandra Rowe   Amy Schmierbach   Norbert Schoerner   Sharon A. Sharp   Keith Smith   Diane Stemper   Peter & Donna Thomas   Anita Wetzel   Miriam Woolfolk   Gary Young   Philip Zimmerman

Mary Rezny


The Beet
N 7433.4 .R49 B4 2008


The Onion
N 7433.4 .R49 O5 2009


Prismatic Layers   
N 7433.4 .R49 P7 2009


N 7433.4 .R49 S8 2010


The Tawny Daylily
N 7433.4 .R49 T3 2010


Primary Landscape
N 7433.4 .R49 P75 2010


Clouds and the Red Landscape
N 7433.4 .R49 C5 2010


Fish in the Sky, OH MY!
N 7433.4 .R49 F57 2010


Wisteria Flexagon   
N 7433.4 .R49 W57 2010


Sensual Bark
N 7433.4 .R49 S4 2011


White Bird 
N 7433.4 .R49 W5 2011


A Green Garden Remembered
N 7433.4 .R49 G7 2012


Jar of Relish
N 7433.4 .R49 J3 2010


A Rose
N 7433.4 .R49 R6 2012


Perpetual Amaryllis
N 7433.4 .R49 P4 2013


Entwined Nasturtiums
N 7433.4 .R49 E58 2013


I think I have a floater


I Voted


Rezny Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace: My Mother's Favorite


Riker, Maryann

The Inundation of Spring
N 7433.4 .R55 I58 2010
One of a kind; image from Vamp and Tramp Booksellers.


Little Pink Houses, too.
N 7433.4 .R55 L58 2009


Theater of Memory 2
N 7433.4 .R55 T54 2010

One of a kind; image from Vamp and Tramp Booksellers.


Riner, Camille

Riner Forest Queen

Forest Queen
N 7433.4 .R56 F67 2010

image: 23 Sandy Gallery


Rowe, Sandra

N 7433.4 .R688 S65 1991


Schmierbach, Amy

Flowers in a Box
N 7433.4 .S34 F5 1999


Schoerner, Norbert

The Order of Things
N 7433.4 .S33 O7 2001


Sharp, Sharon A. 

The Mammoth Legacy of Stephen Bishop
N 7433.4 .S53 M3 2012


Smith, Keith

Book 102
N 7433.4 .S64 A660 1984



Stemper, Diane

Cloud Study
N 7433.4 .S74 C6 2005


Dust Cloud
N 7433.4 .S74 D87 2005


Final Flight
N 7433.4 .S74 F56 2000



Thomas, Peter and Donna

The Pencil
N 7433.4 .T54 P35 2010


Sit and Knit
N 7433.4 .T52 S58 2008


Spring Wildflower ABC
N 7433.4 .T52 S67 2006


'A Gipsy Caravan' by Kenneth Grahame
N 7433.4 .T52 G57 2009


The Wandering Book Artist's Gypsy Wagon
N 7433.4 .T52 W36 2012


'Tree' by John Muir
N 7433.4 .T52 T74 2012


Jill Timm


Chinese Opera
N 7433.4 .T55 C55 2007


Falling Leaves
N 7433.4 .T55 S35 2005


Meadow Rock
N 7433.4 .T55 M43 2003


Sedona Scapes
N 7433.4 .T55 S43 2002



Sky Islands
N 7433.4 .T55 S35 2005



Sunrise Duo
N 7433.4 .T55 S86 2002


The Train Game
N 7433.4 .T55 T73 2007


Winter Elk
N 7433.4 .T55 W56 2002


Yellowstone Spring
N 7433.4 .T55 Y45 2001





​Wetzel, Anita  

Garden Spots
N 7433.4 .W47 G37 1986


Woolfolk, Miriam

N 7433.4 .W66 S4 1977



Young, Gary

Gary Young In the Face of It

In the Face of It
N 7433.4 .Y68 I5 2008



Zimmerman, Philip

Civil Defense
N 7433.4 .Z56 C59 1984