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Music Theory

A guide for undergraduate and graduate researchers of music theory

Welcome to the Music Theory Research Guide!  The purpose of this guide is to increase access to music theory specific resources for graduate and undergraduate research.  We want to make sure you feel prepared to find any book, journal article, dissertation, audio recording or score you may need and feel confident accessing that item at the Little Fine Arts Library, requesting it through UK Libraries Book and Media Express or InterLibrary Loan (ILL), or working with the library to secure it.

In addition to ensuring that you have found the right materials for your research, we want to make sure that you know how to cite them in your work and the tools at your disposal to help organize your research.

We have complied a list of the current professional organization for music theory, composition, music business, and others that might be of interest.  We also have course guides for music theory specific classes as available.

Most of all, we want you know that we are here to help you find what you need and succeed!  Please feel to ask to speak with a librarian at any point in your process.  

descending scale using solfege with a sofa in place of sol fa


16-bit music noteCreated by Dr. Matthew Heap of the University of West Virginia, "Theory Game : Curse of the Lost Rules" gamifies music theory principles to encourage students to work with and become confident in their theory knowledge.  This is game is FREE and is a great tool for mid-unit reinforcement or to help prepare for an exam.

Game information:

Bach has been kidnapped and it is up to you (and Notey the Note) to bring him back with the help of the composer super-friends! This game features 6 minigames that range from platformers to letter puzzles and two difficulty levels - one for students working with music fundamentals, and one for students working on chromatic harmony. Charming, tongue-in-cheek gameplay, cutscenes, and music will make practicing theory concepts fun (or, at least, fun-adjacent)!

This game is free and has no ads or in-app purchases.

Download the game: 



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