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Social Work

Key information resources for research in clinical social work, social policy, child welfare, gerontology, mental and behavioral health, military behavioral health, leadership, and social work education. Expanded resources for conducting systematic review

Purpose of Guide

Resources here are relevant to all social science disciplines, while some are specific to social work researchers, and include how to identify publishing venues (journals), evaluating journal quality, author rights, and links to guides that walk you through publishing a journal article. 

Identifying Journal Titles

Evaluating Journal Quality

Research on Social Work Journals

Hodge, D. R., Yu, M., & Kim, A. (2020). Assessing the Quality and Prestige of Disciplinary Social Work Journals: A National Study of Faculty Perceptions. Research on Social Work Practice, 30(4), 451–459. 

Epstein, W. M. (2004). Confirmational Response Bias and the Quality of the Editorial Processes Among American Social Work Journals. Research on Social Work Practice, 14(6), 450–458. 

Bender, K., & Windsor, L. C. (2010). The Four P s of Publishing: Demystifying Publishing in Peer-Reviewed Journals for Social Work Doctoral Students. Journal of Teaching in Social Work30(2), 147-158.

Guides to Publishing Journal Articles

Author Rights

Section 106 of the Copyright Act states that only the owner of a copyright has the authority to:

  • Reproduce the work (i.e. make physical or digital copies)
  • Create derivative works (i.e. subsequent articles, book chapters, etc.)
  • Distribute copies of the work 
  • Publicly perform the work (i.e. show video at a conference)
  • Publicly display the work (i.e. show photos, tables, and figures from your works)
  • Publicly perform sound recordings via a digital audio transmission

eBooks about Publishing