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Social Work

Key information resources for research in clinical social work, social policy, child welfare, gerontology, mental and behavioral health, military behavioral health, leadership, and social work education. Expanded resources for conducting systematic review

Databases for scholarly articles (use these first!)

Web of Science 

EBSCO databases. Search these together on the EBSCO platform:

ProQuest databases. Search these together on the ProQuest platform:


Clinical, medical, & health databases

Legal & government resources

If you're looking for U.S. laws or government information about social and civil topics involving human rights, social justice, social welfare, and related topics, you might consider these resources. To use effectively, you'll often need to know which law(s), case(s), and/or publication(s) you're looking for.

Using the View Now Button

The Using the View Now Button animation explains what this button is and how to use it when you come across it in library databases.

Finding a Known Item

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Understanding Journal Articles