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African American Women Play Musical Instruments: Saxophone

Names, Links, and Lists of African American women who play or played musical instruments.



The Saxophone

"The body of the saxophone is made from brass tubing which tapers conically. Holes in the tube are covered by movable keys which can be operated singly or in groups by the player. The mouthpiece, made of wood in Sax’s day, is fitted with a detachable reed over which the player breathes air into the body of the instrument. Vibration of the reed produces variations in sound that can incorporate further individual characteristics desired by the player. Some saxophones have been made of plastic instead of metal but have not proved popular with musicians."

"It was not until the appearance of Charlie Parker that the alto saxophone challenged the tenor as a major instrument in jazz  Although the alto and tenor saxophones are the most popular of the many instruments in the saxophone family, the baritone has found its jazz champions. Over the past 30 years the saxophone has been by far the most popular instrument in jazz but has not found comparable favor in the wider world of popular music, where the guitar has been predominant."

Quotes Sources: "Saxophone" in Encyclopedia of Popular Music, 4th ed., edited by Colin Larkin [online]. Oxford University Press. Accessed 04/27/2017.

African American Women Saxophonists

African American Women Saxophonists