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African American Women Play Musical Instruments: Research Guides by R. F. Jones

Names, Links, and Lists of African American women who play or played musical instruments.

African American Women Play Musical Instruments

For the most effective search in locating the names and biographies of African American women who play or played musical instruments professionally, the search strategy must include the basics:

1. race ["African American" with the quotation marks, or Black, or Colored, or Slave] 

2. woman [singular for individual name]  

3. banjo [the name of a musical instrument].

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Kentucky History of Education Theses

From the late 1920s to the early 1940s, there was a series of master's theses completed on the history of education in Kentucky, by county. The 54 authors were graduate students in the University of Kentucky College of Education. 

The majority of the titles in the series begin with History of Education...

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Ann Rice O'Hanlon & The Memorial Hall Mural

Ann Rice O'Hanlon is the artist who in 1934 completed the The Mural in Memorial Hall on the University of Kentucky campus. Over the years, the Mural has been the topic of discussion concerning the depiction of African Americans during slavery and post-Civil War.  This research guide has been developed to further document the history of The Mural, the artist, and the controversy about the mural and reactions to the complaints.

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Lesbian Studies

This guide has been created to highlight the research and study of lesbians. 

  • Lesbian studies is an interdisciplinary field and relevant materials will be found within a wide range of subject sources.

  • More contemporary sources will present the term "lesbian" in combination with gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, or LGBTQ+. 

  • Older scholarly resources may refer to lesbians as homosexuals, homosexual women, queer women, or gay women.

Lesbian - a woman whose emotional, sexual, and romantic orientations are toward women.  

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Ethnic & Alternative Newspaper Collections

This research guide was created as an introduction to the ethnic and alternative newspaper collections that are available full-text online. Included are collections in subscription databases at the University of Kentucky Libraries and a selection of free collections found on the Web that add support to our holdings.

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Researching African American Slavery in Kentucky

This guide has been created to assist researchers searching for the following information:

1. The history of slavery in Kentucky,

2. Records and documentation of the lives of enslaved Africans in Kentucky,

2. Identification and the financial aspects of slave ownership in Kentucky,

3. Family and individual lives after emancipation or freedom gained by any other means.

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