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Asian Studies: Overview and Regions of Asia: Welcome

This page shows you how to get the most from our library resources for finding good information for your research projects.

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Asian Studies - Welcome

Welcome to the online research guide for Asian Studies.

Two children in Korean traditional dress.Lady in traditional Chinese dressRice farmer in subtropical Southeast AsiaLady praying in front of Buddhist monks in Bangkok

This guide showcases databases and many other library materials for your research. This guide brings together language, literature, and culture:

See the Asia: Content, Regions, Countries page to navigate the language, literatures, and cultures across the continent of Asia, regions within Asia, and specific countries within Asia. You'll see links with an embedded library search for each Asian region and country. Additional research guides are here for China, Japan, and Korea. and major authors

If  you're looking for books in the stacks, take a look at the LC call numbers page -- it shows you where you can find books and other materials on our library shelves for German language, literature, and cultural aspects.

Not sure where to begin, just getting started, or need a refresher? Come visit our Scholarly Research: Basic Library Tips page -- you'll see brief tutorials to help you get started with the basics.

Not sure what library resources are best for your topic focus? This guide is a great place to start gathering ideas for your projects!

Questions? Need more information? Please feel free to reach out.

Japanese lanternsPalace, Bhutan

Political Map of Asia

Political map of Asia Source: Gifex: Asia Map

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Map of Asia with countries' national flags

Map of Asia showing national flags inside each country's geographic shape. Source: Tovarish Zoey Maps